Frequently Asked Questions

4Schools does not address to Information Science experts. Our main concern is your facilitation. This application operates in any modern computer or device connected to the Internet and it does not require specialized knowledge as far as the computer operation is concerned. You will be amazed to discover how simple and practical this program is.

The situation described above is the ‘wrong’ way to organize a modern educational institution. Useful information is scattered in different archives, which can cause confusion. Each teacher sends his personal information in a different way. All information will be stored in the local hard drive of the user with manual backup in usb sticks. 4Schools can guarantee a modern way of operating your school or educational institution, which constitutes a prerequisite for its efficient operation.

A great advantage of this platform is that all data of interest is stored in the same environment. In that way you can control and organize your educational institution on a daily basis. Furthermore, all data is accessible from everywhere. You can check the syllabus of a teacher by staying at your office, you can see the progress of a student and present it to his/her parents from your tablet or you can inform parents, students and teachers for a school meeting or event by using your computer or even your mobile phone.

Moreover, since you have already gathered all information at 4Schools you can take advantage of smart statistics and reports concerning the overall image of your students and the complete productivity of your school. By using the 4Schools platform you become a member of the most innovative educator community, you receive advice and help from EPAFOS, the leading IT company for education, and you have a professional support by our specialized staff 365 days a year!

The main advantage of 4Schools is that all teachers can access this application and each one can note the syllabus or the educational material used. There is also a chance to update student cards by completing their scores, their absences and general comments on their progress. You, as the administrator of the school, have now a complete image of all recordings concerning teachers and students.

Of course! You can communicate directly with parents and students and keep them always informed, as they have now their own portal via 4Schools.

Students and their parents can now be directly informed about the following points:

  • All events (e.g. exams, events etc) regarding the class of the student. They can be found in recordings made in ‘Schedule’.

  • All scores of students (from exams or trimesters) and the relevant comments of the teacher or the school administrator

  • The examination data: dates and specific chapters

  • The dates of absence and the classes/chapters that the student was absent from

  • All projects assigned to the student as well as their progress. Moreover, the student has the chance to answer or send an archive concerning the project

  • General comments concerning the student. Some of the above mentioned points (e.g. comments) can be accessed only by parents

  • "You can also exchange messages with parents and students through the portal "

>The portal for parents and students is presented below:

By saving your personal data in your computer, your mobile phone or your agenda there are many things that can go wrong. Your hard drive can be destroyed, your mobile phone can be stolen and your agenda can be lost. 4Schools is an internet cloud service, which means that it has a high level of safety by definition. The integrity and protection of your data is safeguarded. Data can only be accessed by you, as we have high standards of electronical safety. We store your data in a safe data center which has achieved ISO 27001 certification.

4Schools is a WEB service. In other words, you can have access to it at any time and through any device (PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone, tablet) that is connected to the internet. In this way, your data will be available at any time through any web browser irrespective of your location.

The Premium edition of 4Schools is available only with an annual subscription without time limits, contracts or any type of commitment. By making your initial registration from the 4Schools website, you can opt for a free trial of all the tools offered. Moreover, you can renew the Premium edition. At this point you have the chance to select a payment method of your subscription (credit card or bank deposit).

4Schools does not have any time limit whatsoever. If you have the Premium edition and decide at some point that you no longer want to be a premium subscriber, you should not renew your subscription next year.

By using the 4Schools tools you can extract all data at any time. In that case all data saved in the platform will be stored in your computer in local archives, so that you will be able to proceed to further editing. In this way we ensure that data stored by you is yours and will no longer be used by the service.

Of course you can! Now you can look at photos of your students so that you will always be prepared for meetings with their parents. You can also classify them per class or view all photos in a list or as thumbnail, as presented below. In that way you will be able to look at the names and the faces of your students just with one ‘click’.

Here you can see all classes scheduled for a specific day as stated at the Timetable. A quick glance at your homepage can remind you of the classes that each teacher has scheduled for today!

The ‘Timetable’ concerns the daily schedule of your educational institution as determined by teachers, while the option ‘Events’ concerns meetings, projects or tests planned for next week or next months. As a result, your homepage presents an image of the assignments and the projects pending, which makes agendas and notepads useless.

It is very important for a teacher to be aware of classes being cancelled, in case he/she wants to substitute them. 4Schools can also inform you about projects recorded and especially when the deadline is approaching, so that you will not miss anything!

The 4Schools team is always at your disposal to help you answer any questions concerning the 4Schools application or anything you need. Apart from the FAQ section you can also search in the ‘Help’ section, where the functionality of the application is presented in an easy way. As a registered user, you also have the chance to send a personal message to the support team (‘My Account’) and ask for further telephonic support (Tel. 0030 210 6990401, Mo-Fr. 08:00-20:00, weekends and holidays 09:00-17:00)