The complete Management Information Solution for your School

Track grades, performance, syllabi, behavior, and fiscal data with a single ‘click’

Unlimited communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators

A unique e-learning management system within an advanced cooperative environment for students and teachers

What is the 4Schools platform?

The 4Schools platform is a web platform for the effective management of schools and educational institutions of any type. It offers the total control of the educational institution, and its activities range from student attendance to communication with parents or teachers' productivity. Not only does it offer a proper working environment and the necessary tools that successfully correspond to the needs of today’s Digital Era to the school administration, the secretaries and all teachers, but it also helps in the organization of the teaching process in the most modern and interactive way.

Our 4Schools is an innovative web school management system that will respond to every need of your educational institution. By using a common cloud database for everyone and one web application for all, the 4Schools platform allows you to seamlessly and securely share your information with the users who need it. It is not only an administrative system, but also a complete platform that allows you to adopt modern and innovative tools of development and profitability. This is the key to enhance your competitiveness, promote your educational institution, and respond to the new educational needs of the Digital Era.

Key Points